Potato Cakes

Sugdens Potato Cake Plant

 We will design and manufacture a plant to meet the customers specification as each customer may have different bake times for this product.

The plant will make use of the Super Burner System.

These burners give our plants a huge bonus in that each burner is individually controllable so allow us to set a bake profile to exactly suit the product. The plant will have servo driven turnover and take-off systems, these give an extremely repeatable performance and also allow the bakery to make adjustments while in production to suit the product.

Since this product is a sheeted one we also manufacture a sheeter and stamping system to enable the bakery to make multiple shaped products by the simple swap of the stamping head assembly. We can also manufacture a tiered cooling conveyor to suit this product and again can be built to meet the customers exact requirements.              

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potato cakes
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