Sugden Crumpet Line


Sugdens Crumpet Lines

All our Crumpet plants will be designed to meet the customers' specific needs.

Our largest Crumpet Plant is based on a 12 across format which produces 14400 products per hour. Our smallest is based on 6 across which will produce 2000 per hour.

Each plant has an automatic ring oiler, ring cleaner, 2 stage take-off system and volumetric depositor. The depositor can be tuned in to ensure all 12 crumpets will be within 1 gram of the customers target weight.

We use a two stage take-off system on the Crumpet Plant, this is designed to place the product on the base as it goes through the cooling process. We have two 12 across spatula bars and we pass the product from one to the other than onto the cooling belt and align them to enable the customer to employ a pick and place system to stack the products, which is another additional piece of equipment that we would manufacture to meet the clients' exact needs.

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